College Admission Road Map for Freshmen and Sophomores

High School Planning

Preparing for college begins in 8th, 9th and 10th grades with a solid curriculum of rigorous academic courses. We will help you understand how colleges will look at your high school transcript and guide you on selecting coursework that will best put you on track for college admission. Gain an understanding of the role of standardized testing and extracurricular activities in the college admissions process to help you create an intentional plan for an academically solid and personally fulfilling high school career. If you need support in any of your classes, we can help with academic tutoring.

Interests and Extracurricular Planning

While high school brings many opportunities to get involved, now is the time to look for ways to dive deeper into your interests, to think about summer options, and to consider ways to get involved with leadership and service opportunities. Begin to create a high school resume that you will update each year.

Looking Ahead: The College Planning and Application Process

Having a road map for what is ahead will help put you and your family at ease. We will walk you through what to expect in the two years ahead, so that you can go into your junior and senior years feeling more confident about how best to navigate the process to maximize your opportunities and minimize stress.

Bridge to Junior Year

We will help you put together a timeline for your junior year, including a plan for standardized testing, and what you need to know to help you plan for your academics, upcoming college fairs, campus visits, and crafting your college list.