College Admission Road Map for Seniors

Wrap up Standardized Testing

If you have not yet finished your standardized testing or are working to increase your score, consider private SAT or ACT tutoring to focus in on exactly what you need to improve your scores with fall test dates.

College List Finalization

As you continue to learn more about your college options and to attend college fairs, visit colleges, and meet with college representatives, we will work with you to help you create a final, balanced college list of colleges where you will apply. Learn how to create a list that meets your academic, personal, and financial needs.

Staying Organized with Applications

Whether you choose Early Application, Early Decision, Rolling, or Regular Application options, we can help you put together an application timeline and support you through the process with expert guidance on everything from applications and essays to the financial aid timeline.

Essay Guidance

For many students, college essays are the most daunting part of the application process. Understand the part college essays play in college admissions and how you can use this opportunity to demonstrate your core values and strengths through the medium of storytelling. We can help you brainstorm topics, clarify your thoughts, and make suggestions for improvement so that you can write a personal statement that helps colleges get to know you and understand the qualities you have to offer.