Why Admissions Consulting?

  • Eases the stress of the college admissions process
  • Get valuable insights into your student’s options
  • Sessions are in-depth and flexible
  • Goes beyond high school counseling
  • Tailored to the needs of your student 
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Admissions Consulting

$175 to $1500

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Admissions Consulting Can Include

Scholarship and Admissions Help
Goal Development
Course Selection
Extracurricular Planning
Athletic College Recruitment

Admissions Consulting Can Cover

Essay Writing
Application Strategies
College Selection
Interview Preparation

For Parents

For Parents

College admissions can be a complex process. Private consulting through CollegeDrive helps you ease the pressure of achieving your student’s academic goals. Our consultants have extensive experience in college admissions and can help you and your student get the edge needed for acceptance into choice colleges. All programs are customizable depending on the needs of your student. Whether you need assistance on applications, admissions essays, course planning, financial aid or more, we partner with you to help you and your student achieve your goals. 

For Students

For Parents

With all the busy commitments of a student schedule, the college admissions process can be stressful. No matter what life throws at you, CollegeDrive is here to help you every step of the way. We customize our consulting programs based on your needs. Admissions essays, applications, interviews, course planning, and college selection are all common areas of focus. Maximize your potential and get the edge you need for admission to your choice college through private college consulting.  

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