Standard SAT Prep

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Target increase of 150 points

Talk to an Expert  720 - 496 - 2244

Overall, our current students improved an average of 250 points from their first practice test to their second.

The average improvement for the top half of all students was 256 and the biggest improvement was 290 points

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Provides a comprehensive and structured approach covering the entire test

Delivers proven, score-raising strategies

Classes taught by highly trained, expert instructors who scored in the 90th percentile or higher

Utilizes real test questions from released exams

Provides 25 hours of prep, plus skill-building homework assignments

Improvement of up to 250 points

Individual & Group

Throughout their 18 hours of class time, students build confidence through guided class and group practice and eventually through individual times practice that simulates the time constraints that students will experience on test day.

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Extra Practice

Homework is assigned between sessions to reinforce concepts and strategies that students learned in previous sessions. Practicing the test-taking skills that are taught in this program, is essential for students to maximize the benefits of this class, improve their score, and achieve their goals.

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Fun & Interactive Tools

Weíve all heard the saying, ìYou get out what you put inî, and that couldnít ring more true for test prep classes. By utilizing fun and interactive activities, students are motivated to apply tools and knowledge which allows many of the strategies and concepts to thoroughly sink in and become second nature.

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PRACTICE TEST 1 Get a baseline during your first practice test
SESSION 1 The Reading Section
SESSION 2 The Writing & Language Section
SESSION 3 The Math Section: Part I (Algebra)
SESSION 4 The Math Section: Part II (Problem Solving, Data Analysis, and Additional Topics in Math)
SESSION 5 Strategy Review
PRACTICE TEST 2 Take the test to see your impovements
SESSION 6 Reviewing a Full-Length Test (Second Class Practice Test)


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