Our Courses

Targeted Improvement:
100 points
  • Includes:
  • 20-30 Max Class Size
  • 10 Hours Instruction
  • Instruction on All Parts of Test
  • Proven Score Raising Strategies
  • SAT Strategy Guide by CollegeDrive
  • Plus Additional Features
Targeted Improvement:
100-200 points
  • Includes:
  • Small Class Size
  • 25 Hours, plus Homework
  • 2 Full-Length Exams with Feedback
  • Official SAT (or ACT) Study Guide
  • Plus Additional Features
Targeted Improvement:
150-250 points
  • Includes:
  • 3 Hours Private Tutoring
  • Small Class Size
  • 25 Hours, plus Homework
  • 2 Full-Length Exams with Feedback
  • Official SAT (or ACT) Study Guide
  • Plus Additional Features
Targeted Improvement:
200-300 points
  • Includes:
  • 9 Hours Private Tutoring
  • Small Class Size
  • 25 Hours, plus Homework
  • 2 Full-Length Exams with Feedback
  • Official SAT (or ACT) Study Guide
  • Plus Additional Features

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Evergreen parent

I want to report to you that our daughter not only benefited from your program academically, but personally. We enrolled her in CollegeDrive her Junior year with a 24 on her ACT. After private sessions she was able to increase her overall score to a 29. This increase of 5 points made her eligible for the Presidential Award Scholarship at the university she was seeking to attend; therefore benefiting us financially! CollegeDrive has been a wise investment for our family.

a Bear Creek HS parent

I would just like to take a moment to share our experience with CollegeDrive. He had taken the SAT and came out of feeling like he was not fully prepared for the Writing & Language and Reading sections. After taking the class he improved all of his scores and improved his total by 160 points! Thanks again, we would highly recommend this class to other seniors!

Highlands Ranch parent

Just wanted to follow up and let you know that Holli was very pleased with her May SAT scores. She got an 1110, which is likely enough to qualify her for the programs that she was interested in. Thanks again for all of your help and guiding her to achieve success!

Littleton/Lakewood parent

I wanted to let you know my son’s score improved 5 points on his last ACT test. He went from 25 to a 30. I cannot thank you enough. You guys are awesome!

Louisville parent

Just wanted to thank you again for helping my son Kasim prepare for the SAT. He wanted you to know that he increased his math score by 20 points which was enough to get him the $10,000 automatic scholarship to CU Boulder. You were definitely an integral part of him attaining that scholarship. Thanks again.

Littleton/Lakewood parent

You ROCK! You took our son from a 17 to a 24! My husband and I could not be happier! You not only have helped our son get into CU but built confidence he will need for the rest of his life. Thank you again!

Highlands Ranch parent

CollegeDrive impacted my daughter’s results by a little over 12%, which was more than we had hoped for. We are very excited, and my daughter is extremely happy with her scores. If anyone is on the fence with using CollegeDrive, I’d say go for it 100%. It’ll improve your child’s SAT scores. They’ll be more comfortable when they take the test, and I think it will improve their scores greatly. CollegeDrive was an excellent experience.

Greenwood Village parent

My child’s experience with CollegeDrive was great. He was able to figure out the patterns based on the program, and he increased his score by 190 points. The impact was superior.

A D'Evelyn HS student

I had a great tutor! He showed me various techniques and strategies that allowed me to master the art of the SAT. I started with a score of 1220 and ended with a final score of 1500! I highly recommend College Drive. They are well worth the time and money and they really know how to help students excel.

a Cherry Creek HS parent

My son finished his SAT's and was glad to have had the specialized help from College Drive. Thank you! When Jackson's results came back he had moved up 250 points! I am very pleased.

an Evergreen HS parent

A big thank you is in order to the staff at College Drive. Not only are you so helpful over the phone, but the class my daughter attended had a great impact on her SAT score. Her PSAT was a 1030...and her SAT score came in at 1290. She is pleased with her scores and is very thankful that she was able to attend the class on such short notice. I absolutely love the fact that we have a quality test-prep study class right here in Evergreen. Thank you!

a Heritage HS parent

I've been in sales for 20 years, and a thank you is rare. So, I just wanted to contact you and say thank you so much. I just got a text with about 48 exclamation marks from my son, and he got a 1430, and he is super excited! He needed a 1400 to have a really good shot at getting into the Mechanical Engineering program at CU. I just wanted to say thank you so much. That's a huge improvement over his first score (170 points). Like I said, you don't get enough thank you’s in this world, so I thought I'd share that good news and say thank you.

a Conifer HS parent

Our son had scored a 1070 on his PSAT last year, and after taking the course, scored a 1290 SAT and is quite happy and proud of his result. I would highly recommend your program from a cost, time commitment and result basis. Thanks for helping achieve his goals on the SAT.

a Rock Canyon HS parent

Our son just wrapped up high school today and will graduate Monday the 21st. Prior to your tutoring, He had scored 1110. The final time that he took the test (after tutoring), he scored 1220, which increased his out-of-state scholarship award from $1500 to $3500 per year! He will be attending Montana State University in the fall. Our other son may need some test tutoring or a class in coming years, so please keep us on your email list. Thanks again!

a Highlands Ranch HS parent

My son is attending University of Wyoming this fall for Engineering, Undeclared. He was also accepted into the Honors program. He (we) are very excited! Thank you for your help. It was his increased SAT score that made him eligible for the Honors program at UW.


In depth content and strategy focused methods that are proven to increase test scores on average by 135 points
2 Full-Length Proctored Practice Tests that accurately reflect what the students will experience on test day
Class, group, and individual practice that fosters teamwork and knowledge sharing to help students gain confidence and practice within the time limits for each section
Interactive games that serve as a fun way to teach content and strategies to motivate students to apply what they’ve learned in the course
Homework is assigned to help facilitate students to apply knowledge and practice strategies they learned in previous classes. The more students practice, the more confident they will be on test day
Expert instructors who have scored in the 90th percentile or higher and are passionate about helping students reach their goals and increase their confidence


CollegeDrive offers a variety of programs suited to a wide range of needs and budgets. The ideal program for you depends on many factors, including your GPA and previous test scores. We can help you identify which test prep program will work best for you. Keep in mind that becoming a better test-taker requires practice. The more you practice, both in a structured setting and on your own, the more you will improve and the better you will do!



Increased Scores

Our students have increased their scores an average of 135 points. Our top improvement to date is 310 points!



Our students have earned millions of dollars in scholarships based on their strong test results.



Our students are not only prepared for test day, they are confident about it.



We are passionate about creating a high quality and affordable program for our families and their students.


Take a look at our programs and see which one is best for you.