Our Approach

The Holistic Method

Identifying your needs as early as possible is critical to opening up all the collegiate doors you desire. We take the time to understand where you are academically and what your end goals are so that all of your test prep and tutoring is targeted to your specific needs.

Prep Planning -> Prepping

Every student is different; even the most brilliant student can have difficulties taking tests. At CollegeDrive we ensure that you are always guided toward the prep plan that will produce the best results for you.

The Plan to Get Accepted

From the very start, you will know what it takes to build your college resume. When it is time to apply, we work with the you to craft the best application possible including your admissions essay. It is our joy to help you reach and exceed your goals!

Our Partner Schools

About CollegeDrive

CollegeDrive is a part of Baron Education, a milestone education company. We are committed to the success of our students and strive to unlock every individual’s greatest potential. A local company, CollegeDrive operates in ten offices throughout the Denver metro area. We offer a variety of services designed to help students achieve educational success and confidence in future endeavors. Whether your student needs help with academic challenges, preparation for the SAT or ACT, or specialized consultations for college admissions, CollegeDrive is here to help. Our flexible options are customizable depending on your needs, and our personally trained, motivational staff is invested in your future.

Baron Education was founded by Ben Baron in 2008 after 15 years as a senior executive in one of the world’s largest education companies. We have two branches—CollegeDrive Test Prep and Tutoring and DriveSafe Driving Schools. CollegeDrive has grown into a local educational leader, with a dozen school partnerships and glowing testimonials. DriveSafe has become Colorado’s largest and most successful driving school, and offers a confidence-based approach to driver’s education.

There are many milestones in a student’s life, and Baron Education is here to help you every step of the way.  

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